Navigation School

sailing school

Sea Rent Jávea offers the possibility of obtaining the Basic Navigation License to rent a boat of up to 6 meters in length.

With only 2 theoretical hours and 4 practical hours in a single continuous session, the Basic Navigation License title is delivered immediately. Fast and easy.

Once you have finished the course you will be able to govern boats up to 6 meters in length with no engine limitation and jet skis of any displacement, all up to a maximum of 2 miles from the coast.

Before renting a boat with Sea Rent Jávea, watch these videos!

We explain the boat, the docking and undocking maneuvers and how to anchor with anchor and buoy.

If you want to have the Basic Navigation License and start browsing, fill out the form and we will contact you!

We will inform you of all the details so that you can take the course as soon as possible.