Terms and conditions


  • Fuel and skipper are not included
  • Rates are minimum prices and may vary depending on the vessel.
  • The maximum number of occupants may vary depending on the vessel.
  • In Low Season you can book for less than 4 hours.
  • Prices include: VAT, Insurance, Fridge, Ice, Water, Use of toilets and changing rooms, Discount in the restaurants of the port.
  • Extras: Snorkeling gear, Go Pro Camera, Skipper, GPS Anchor, Picnic, Drinks, Extra ice.


Daily rentals are from 09:00-18:00
(This may vary depending on the season.)
Outings take place in morning or afternoon sessions
(see departure times).
Failure to take advantage of the hours contracted for reasons not attributable to Sea Rent will not entail any refund.
Payment will be made PRIOR to departure.
No amount will be refunded in the case of returning early.
A SECURITY DEPOSIT of 500 euros is required for all rentals.
Essential: ID or passport, Nautical License where applicable and mobile phone number for ALL rentals.
Payment can be made in cash or by credit card
Rental implies the acceptance of responsibility for any damage caused, whether to self or to third parties


1.1. The lessee must pay attention to the instructions for use that they will receive on the dock. If an operator has to come to their rescue for not knowing these instructions or if the boat suffers damage or loss of equipment as a result, compensation will be taken from the deposit.

1.2. When the vessel is delivered, both parties shall inspect the vessel and check the inventory (Check-List), and it will be declared as conforming and to your complete satisfaction, as well as in a suitable condition for use at sea.

1.3. The lessee undertakes to deliver the boat in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the rental (conditions established by the Check-List), although the final cleaning of the boat will be completed by the LESSOR.

1.4. Negligence, improper use of the boat (aggressive driving or towing activities such as water skiing or others) and any breach of the law, are the responsibility of the client and will be sufficient reason to instantly terminate the contract, leaving the amounts paid to the LESSOR as compensation. Damages caused by these activities, due to lack of knowledge in the handling of the boat, forgetfulness, clumsiness or carelessness, will be taken from the deposit.

1.5. Skipper and fuel expenses will be billed separately and are not included in the rental rate.

1.6. The lessee undertakes to pay the lessor the price agreed in the rental contract, corresponding to duration, insurance, equipment and complementary services, as well as applicable taxes and fees. They also undertake to pay the amount of the damages suffered, totally or partially and that are not covered by the exemptions contracted by the lessee, and the amount corresponding to the fines for any infringement of current legislation, as well as the corresponding charges for late payment and the judicial or extrajudicial expenses that the Lessor could have incurred as a result of the above.

1.7. The amount paid as a deposit will remain in the possession of the LESSOR, and will serve as a guarantee for the correct fulfillment of the conditions of this contract, as well as to respond to culpable or negligent damage to the boat and its equipment, and in general to cover possible losses or damage of the material or to replace the fuel. The deposit will be paid by the lessee at the time of boarding and will be charged in CASH, VISA or MASTERCARD. Once the lease contract has been completed and the boat returned, the difference will be refunded to the lessee once any liquidation of extras has been completed and once the good condition of the boat and its equipment has been verified. The refund of the deposit will be made within 48 hours after the rental. In the event of an accident, stranding or any other circumstance directly attributable to negligence, malicious damage or ignorance on behalf of the lessee, the lessor reserves the right not to reimburse the deposit to repair the damages caused by the aforementioned facts. In the event that the deposit does not sufficiently cover the expenses incurred, the lessee undertakes to pay the difference.

1.8. The lessor is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur during the term of the lease to the personal property of the passengers.


II. 1.- Smoking onboard is prohibited, except in the outdoor areas designated by the skipper who is solely responsible for it, in case of authorization.

II.2.- Minors must always be accompanied or supervised by an adult/skipper and remain under their responsibility.

II. 6.- Any type of drugs, weapons and any type of explosive and/or pyrotechnic material is completely prohibited on board, their use will entitle the lessor to keep the entire deposit. All this is without prejudice to the civil and criminal responsibilities that it entails for the lessee/skipper.

II.7.- The lessee/skipper undertakes to make good use of the boat and to respond to the integrity of what appears in the inventory, being responsible for any damage, breakage, theft or loss. The skipper will be responsible for the boat and for navigating respecting the rules as well as the appropriate safety measures, and they are responsible for the rest of the passengers obeying the instructions of the skipper.

II.8.- The boat leased can only and exclusively be skippered by the indicated skipper, this being the only one authorized for it. The lessor shall have the right to carry out a sea test to the skipper provided by the LESSEE. In the event that the lessor considers that the skipper does not have sufficient experience or expertise in the handling of the boat, the lessor may terminate this contract without any consequence.

II.9.- The lessee/skipper is responsible for all the actions of the passengers. The lessee undertakes not to embark more people than those authorized by Law and the license of the boat. The boat must be used exclusively for leisure navigation and trade, sublease, hand-over, professional fishing, transport, regattas as well as any activity or use prohibited by law are strictly prohibited.

In the event that this occurs, the Lessee will respond personally to the corresponding authorities, even in the case of involuntary misconduct. If any of these circumstances lead to the immobilization of the boat, the lessee will pay the Lessor compensation equal to the rental rate in force during the time of retention of the boat. In the case of confiscation, you must reimburse the value of the boat within 10 days, according to a fixed price, determined in the moment and by mutual agreement, for instance, that contained in the insurance policy of the leased boat. To carry out recreational fishing activities, you must have the appropriate license.

II.12.- The vessel object of this contract is covered by the comprehensive and collective accidents insurance policy, a copy of which is on board, stating the lessee knows the content and scope, and is committed to taking as many measures as necessary to act in accordance with the obligations contained therein, being solely responsible for the consequences arising from the breach of such obligations, where appropriate. The lessor will not be responsible for injuries, material or personal injury, caused as a result of accidents that occurred in relation to diving, swimming or activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding, small boats, water toys or any other activity or water sport. The lessee shall not hold the lessor and skipper accountable for any activity related to the content of this clause.

II.13.- Failure to respect the navigation areas marked as dangerous in the navigation chart of the boat, will mean the automatic loss of the deposit. Access to the coast is only allowed through the ports. It is not allowed to sail outside the 2 miles radius or beyond the limits of the nautical qualification of the person who crews the boat.


II.3.- Cancellations: If the reservation is canceled up to 3 days before the arrival date, the lessor will refund the amount paid by the same method with which the payment was made, minus the cancellation fees. If cancelled later, the amount paid as compensation will not be refunded and the option to change the rental date will be offered at no additional cost.

In the event of bad weather conditions, you can request to change the rental date. The lessor will be the one who decides if these adversities allow safe navigation. The lessor studies the weather reports every day and monitors updates since they can be uncertain and change. If the lessor decides that it is not safe to go sailing, you will be given the option to change the reservation for a different day depending on availability.

II.10.- The duration of the lease foreseen in the particular conditions of this contract may not be changed or altered without authorization. If the tenant voluntarily exceeds the rental hours established in the conditions, they must pay € 150 for 30 minutes extra and any extra time thereafter. In any case, the boat must be returned to port before 20.30h. The lease will not be considered terminated until the vessel has been returned to duly identified personnel of the lessor’s enterprise.

II.11.- If the lessee is deprived of using the boat partially or definitively due to a breakdown during the lease period, they will not be given the right to request the reimbursement of the amounts paid, except in the case that it was attributable to an incorrect provision of the service, in which case the lessee will be reimbursed the percentage corresponding to the hours not enjoyed. If for reasons of breakdowns or any cause beyond the control of the lessor, produced prior to the start of the lease, it is not possible to deliver the leased boat, a boat of the same or similar characteristics will be delivered, refunding or charging the price difference, provided that the client agrees. If this is not possible, and at the choice of the lessee, an alternative day will be offered or the full price paid until that moment for the lease will be refunded, without any claim.


II.18.- This contract will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Law 14/2014 of July 24, on maritime navigation and by complementary and/or subsidiary applicable regulations.

For any controversy that may arise from the content or interpretation of this document, both parties, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction or the one to which they could have access, commit by mutual agreement to the courts and tribunals of Denia (Alicante) and corresponding senior authorities. In the event of non-compliance with the obligations contained in this contract, the lessee is responsible for the responsibilities that arise.

In the event that there are claims by a third party, against the lessee, this releases the lessor from any responsibility. The lessee is also jointly responsible for any claims made towards the Skipper.

II.19.- In compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Legislation (GDPR) and applicable regulations, we inform you expressly, precisely and unequivocally that the data provided by you, as well as those generated during your relationship with our entity, will be processed as part of the under the responsibility of MARINA NOU FONTANA SL in order to maintain and comply with the relationship with our company and the provision of services derived from it, including sending communications within the framework of the aforementioned relationship. Likewise, MARINA NOU FONTANA SL informs you that your data will be transferred in all those cases in which it is necessary for the development, compliance and control of the relationship with our entity and provision of services derived from it or in the cases in which it is authorized by a legally binding rule. In compliance with the provisions of GDPR and the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, which approves the Regulations for its development, the lessee/skipper can exercise, at any time, their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by contacting:

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